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WristRoller Posture Enhancer by BlueZap.com

BlueZap.com WristRoller TM

The WristRoller is a posture enhancing forearm support for tired mouse users. It encourages good posture by helping you keep your wrist straight while using your mouse or 10-key.

Soft Flexible Rolling Support $5.95 each + ship/handling
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Posture Enhancer:

Improve awkward hand posture from this . . . .

Awkward Posture - - *#*~! Ouch!

To This!

Added comfort for browsing the web or inputting data.

When you spend a lot of time on the computer, you may experience unpleasant pain in your wrists or numbness in your fingers. This is usually due to unnatural positioning of your hand and wrist while using the mouse. With the BlueZap Wrist Roller, as you can see above, your hand, wrist and forearm are more properly positioned and there is less stress on the joints. Order your BlueZap.com WristRoller TM today.

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